The Ulysse Nardin Classico Dog – The Latest Addition To The Classico Collection

Ulysse Nardin Classico Dog

This reliable and elegant “Year of the Dog” timepiece is a homage to canine intelligence

One of the 12 zodiac signs of the Chinese calendar, the dog according to Chinese superstitions symbolizes determination and hard work. The brave canine is supposed to possess the ability to reach impressive heights of achievement. Along with his innate honesty, generosity, and loyalty, he has real leadership qualities which are believed to make it easy for him to make and maintain friends.

To honor and celebrate this canine prowess, in 2018, watchmaker introduced the Ulysse Nardin Classico Dog timepiece to their Classico Collection. The dog is supposed to have a great appreciation for the finer things in life and this is appropriately shown by his presentation on the beautiful Classico – a lively depiction of the creature as he plays about in the great outdoors. The image is refined through centuries-old, rare enameling methods.

Ulysse Nardin Classico Dog

Only a handful of artisans in the world have mastered this incredibly rare, ancient art of enameling. Grand Feu, so named for the incredible heat required to fuse the enamel, is combined with the Champlevé technique, involving the carving of cells with a chisel directly on the dial, which are then filled with different colored enamels. The final step, which is also the most delicate, consists of enriching the motif by chiseling all the metal parts on the surface. For almost 30 years, Ulysse Nardin has been bringing this enamel artistry to its dials and is, in fact, one of the only watchmakers devoted to the centuries-old craft. It is practiced in-house at Donzé Cadrans, a member of the Ulysse Nardin group of companies.

Ulysse Nardin’s the “Year of the Dog” timepiece will be available to you t his Chinese New Year, beginning in February 2018. While the Classico Collection contains a series of originally enameled pieces, beloved and collected by many, the Classico Dog will come as a limited edition of 88 pieces in 18-karat rose gold. It is powered by the self-winding UN-815 movement and boasts of a 42-hour power reserve along with a COSC certification. Set in a 40-mm case, the unique Grand Feu Champlevé enamel timepiece is water-resistant up to 50m and is held in place with an alligator strap. Yours for CHF 39,800 (about $40,200).

Like its namesake, Ulysse Nardin Classico Dog is ideal for the brave, loyal individual with a penchant for leadership and the luxury of antiquity. Available at Ulysse Nardin.

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