Rolex GMT-Master II In White Gold And Red Blue “Pepsi Bezel”

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Rolex has brought sexy back to Rolex GMT-Master II with the red and blue “Pepsi Bezel,” one of most anticipated watch releases of the year. A world’s first, the red and blue bezel inserts are made from colored ceramic, Cerachrom (ceramic + color). The GMT-Master is one of the first and most well-known travel watches, it was also the official watch of Pan Am Airlines in the 1950’s.

As Rolex explained, red is a difficult color to achieve in ceramic, but their researchers found a way to do it. After that they went ahead and found another solution, to turn red ceramic into blue. The patented Cerachrom technology starts with an entirely red bezel and then one half is converted to deep blue. Because of this process instead of two separate color ceramic inserts, bezel is now made of one single piece. Ceramic inserts are made to last a long time, they are resistant to scratch and corrosion in addition to colors being unaffected by ultraviolet rays.

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Engraved numerals are set against the black lacquer plate of the dial. Via a process patented by Rolex, a thin layer of platinum is applied to engraved numerals, which in turn produces a 3D effect that maximizes legibility. Dial features hour, minute, and seconds hands. An arrow-tipped red hand reads time on the 24-hour bezel time zone and circles the dial once every 24 hours. Red inserts on the bezel are for the day hours between 6 am and 6 pm, while deep blue inserts shows night hours between 6 pm and 6 am. Its date aperture is located at 3 o’clock.

The red and blue Pepsi Bezel has been a staple for GMT-Master collection from 1950’s. Except for the last few years it has been revived over the years several times. Since 2005 Rolex has made GMT-Master II bezel in ceramic instead of aluminium. The Rolex GMT-Master II with red and blue ceramic bezel specifications are in many ways similar to last year’s Black and Blue GMT-Master II, it uses the same caliber 3186 movement Parachrom hairspring with Breguet overcoil. However, there is a big difference in the case material, Pepsi Bezel comes in 18 karat solid white gold. This makes a world of difference in price point, Forbes reports it is priced at 36,500 Swiss Francs, which is around $41,000.

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Source: Forbes and Rolex

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