Extremely Luminous HYT H4 Neo Limited Edition Yours For $95,000

HYT H4 Neo

If there is anything HYT loves more, it is their colorful liquid. They also have a soft spot for tubes and skulls. Their latest creation, the HYT H4 Neo has not only liquids and tubes but also lots of neon color. A design based on their previous H4 Metropolis, H4 Neo features two purple LED lights hidden under the dome at 6 o’clock position.

HYT H4 Neo

The HYT H4 Neo has two crowns – one is, however, more important than the other. The first crown at 2 o’clock is doing the traditional job of setting the time. The second at 4 o’clock has a complicated job to do, it creates and manages energy. The energy created by winding the mainspring gets stored in a micro-generator. All user has to do to distribute power to purple LED lights is push the crown back, which in turn illuminate the luminescent “nano-particles” on every part of the transparent dial. This is so bright, at night it can light up an entire room by itself (maybe not).

Because of their unusual designs and the need to accommodate complicated mechanics, almost all the HYT watches are pretty large. Measuring at a 51mm width x 18mm height, the HYT H4 Neo is even larger than the watches you’d normally consider large. While the HYT’s familiar black and green color scheme is there, new purple lights add a touch of variation to it. Both, the curved front dome and screw-down case back are made from sapphire crystal – enough cover to make it water resistant up to 50m.

HYT H4 Neo

Housed inside the charcoal gray, DLC-coated titanium case is a skeletonized mechanical movement with HYT’s exclusive micro-liquid technology. Located at the top of the movement is a bay with colored liquid, while a one at the bottom is filled with clear liquid. To indicate time liquid moves slowly in opposite direction inside tubes along the edge of the dial.

Completing the ensemble is a fire-resistant, water-resistant, hypoallergenic, and reinforced fabric strap. A limited edition of 15 pieces, the HYT H4 Neo carry a hefty price tag of $95,000 – matching its enormous silhouette.

Source: HYT

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