L’Épée Hot Balloon – A Mélange Of Whimsy, Adventure And Mechanical Skill

The Hot Balloon is the mechanical clock created in the shape of the hot air balloon by L’Épée 1839. This L’Épée Hot Balloon shaped clock which is 31 cm in height and 17 cm in diameter, can both be placed on a table or hung from the ceiling adding a realistic feel to it as if it were floating through the air. Whether on a flat surface or while suspended this floating illusion of a masterpiece will display the time in terms of hours and minutes for eight days.

L’Épée Hot Balloon

L’Épée 1839 has created this clock in collaboration with the design student Margo Clavier, a student of École cantonale d’art de Lausanne where L’Épée 1839 is an official partner. Margo and L’Épée 1839, together have incorporated elements of adventure, imagination, discovery, ambition, and freedom -elements that have been whimsically associated with hot air balloons since their inception in 1783 (and let’s not forget the hot-air-ballooned floating house in the whimsically romantic movie ‘Up!’).

It seems that L’Épée 1839 seems to be responsible for this timepiece from an engineering perspective. For example such as ensuring that all the 207 components of this timepiece are all manufactured and set into place at the house of L’Épée 1839 itself. While L’Épée 1839 ensures such mechanical elements of quality, Margo Clavier -the clock’s designer- has ensured that the clock’s design has effortlessly imbued the dreamy qualities of travel and adventure into the timepiece’s design. Interestingly, this design for Clavier has been her first project for ECAL -designing a mechanical clock. Though at first lost for inspiration Clavier had soon found it in the elegant contrast of visible mechanical and metal parts artistically exposed in hot air balloons.

L’Épée Hot Balloon

Thus L’Épée 1839’s and Clavier’s collaboration has produced a mechanical clock in which every design part resembles a hot air balloon. For example, the turning of the hot air balloon’s basket winds the clock, the burners serve as the escarpment and the flame displays the hour and minutes while the actual balloon of the clock adds to its dreaminess.

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