Guess Partners With Martian To Bring Guess Connect Smartwatch

Guess Connect 1

Few years ago no one would’ve expected fashion brands to show up at the CES, however smartwatches and other wearable gadgets have changed the fashion world. In comes the fashion brand Guess, with a fashionable smartwatch of their own named Guess Connect. When wearable technology trend started Guess did the smart thing and partnered with Martian Smartwatches, a leader in all things wearable tech. The Guess Connect design is based on brand’s popular Rigor model with Martian providing voice control and notification systems.

Fashionable smartwatch is due to release this summer priced around $300. According to Engadget they weren’t allowed to test drive the unit at the CES. However, information they gathered from the prototype showed it to be driven by a dual-power system. A micro-USB charger is there to power the smartwatch features and a regular cell battery for the mechanical movement side of things. Guess Connect’s regular cell battery is said to carry a battery life of around two years.

Guess Connect 3 Guess Connect 4


Source: Engadget

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