Grieb & Benzinger “Area 51” – Out Of This World Bespoke Timepiece

German watchmaker Grieb & Benzinger, received an unusual request from one of its most valuable customers for a bespoke timepiece. He wanted to give his 12-year old son, a huge fan of all things extraterrestrial, alien and space, an Area 51 themed watch. Contrary to popular belief, Area 51 is not located in the alien state of New Mexico but in Nevada. Thankfully Grieb & Benzinger didn’t do a Las Vegas themed alien watch! Instead, they took the tried and tested Hollywood movie route to find inspiration for this extremely customized timepiece. They completed the special project with a little bit of help from materials used.

Grieb & Benzinger - Area 51 - 2

Albrecht Bolz, talented master goldsmith at Grieb & Benzinger created a mini masterpiece with the alien themed Area 51. The result of his hard work is three-dimensional aliens with ruby-set eyes and metalized faces on a blackened dial of gray moon-surface, with craters set with diamonds. See through back of the watch shows the mechanical movement with in-house modifications. The blackened movement continues the extraterrestrial theme with three-dimensional planets set on the bridges and giving prominence to Earth. Three-dimensional planets provide the impression of the depth of the space. All this was done by hand using traditional tools and machines, such as skeletonization, guilloché, and engraving.

Area 51 is housed in a solid 18 karat palladium gold case. Fitted with an extra short strap to fit for a 12-year old, with red stitching.  Grieb & Benzinger is confident they have a young satisfied patron with a bespoke timepiece, and who will be back for more just like his father. Price is not published for the priceless timepiece.

Grieb & Benzinger - Area 51 - 3

Source: Grieb & Benzinger

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