Aeronautics-Inspired Futuristic Germain Baillot Concept Watch

Germain Baillot Concept Watch

This is one crazy concept watch. For starters, this Germain Baillot Concept Watch is too humongous for most average built men out there. On the other hand, this is a great advert for Autodesk Alias Design (Adobe suites – Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects) and Keyshot Animation software. Germain Baillot is no stranger to concept watches, his previous theories include a Dior Avenue Montaigne and a Chanel No. 8. However, this new fantasy creation is straight out of this world or at least up in the sky with all the jet engine and fuselage designs Baillot incorporated into it.

The watch, designed with frequent jet-setter in mind features a 24-hour GMT world clock. To get everything going, it comes equipped with two complications: a vertical tourbillon and a 24-hour GMT world timer. The aeronautics-inspired design starts things off with its long tube-shaped case with a domed sapphire crystal cover. Below the dome, three rectangles on another tube display the time and the corresponding city. Time is set with the jet engine-inspired crown at 3 o’clock, unlike other crowns, which are generally small, this one is huge, and has a lot of legroom to house the vertical tourbillon.

Located at 9 o’clock is an exact replica of the crown at three o’clock. This one helps rotate the world time cylinder, which indicates UTC time of the corresponding city. There is one main difference between other “world timers” and this – on other GMT timepieces world timer means displaying local time as well, but here it shows only the UTC time. If this theory ever become a reality, Baillot will have to make some adjustments to make it useful for genuine jet-setters. Functions-wise this is all there to it – Baillot is a talented industrial digital designer, not a watchmaker.

There is no mention of measurements of the case, as you can see from the image Baillot sure has big wrists to accommodate this huge watch. To make things comfortable to the wearer, he designed a pair of sharply downward-curved lugs and fitted it with a matching integrated rubber strap. If Germain Baillot Concept Watch ever goes from concept to reality, I would say this would cost at least a quarter-of-a-million dollars. For now, this is just a concept, watch the video below (keep an eye on for those two engines on either side) and image galleries above to get a good understanding of Baillot’s impressive yet uncomplicated concept timepiece.

Source: A Blog To Watch

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