Corum Ti-Bridge For Only Watch 2013 With Hand-Engraved Inserts

Corum Ti-Bridge for Only Watch 2013

Swiss watchmaker Corum has created a one of a kind version of the Ti-Bridge 3-Day Power Reserve for Only Watch 2013. Corum Ti-Bridge’s unique feature is the hand-engraved red gold inserts with a motif to reflect Only Watch theme. Inserts are screwed to the flanks of the case. Other unique features of this Ti-Bridge are the hands, markers, and power reserve arrow, which are plated in red gold. These provide a strong contrast with the dark gray dial, which frames the horizontal movement secured by four struts.

Corum Ti-Bridge for Only Watch 2013 3

For a worthy cause, Corum is combining aesthetics with top-notch mechanisms. Inserts depict snakes and Aesculapius, the Greek God of medicine, and are made from 5N 18K red gold adorned leaves. The motif is a nod to the Only Watch cause, which is to raise funds for research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The 5th edition of the Only Watch auction will take place on September 28th at Hotel Hermitage in Monaco.

Corum Ti-Bridge for Only Watch 2013 4

Source: Watchesbysjx

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