Chaumet Hortensia Tourbillon Watch

Making its entry to floral themed jewelry and timepieces, French luxury jewelry maker Chaumet recently introduced its latest collection the “Chaumet Hortensia.”  The Hortensia Tourbillon is part of the collection that includes necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and brooches, all designs based on flower hydrangea, or “hortensia” in French.

The rich and colorful Hortensia Tourbillon jewelry watch is housed in a 39.9mm 18 karat rhodium-plated white gold case. The bezel and horns are adorned with 123 brilliant-cut, 4 karat diamonds. Another set of brilliant-cut .06 karat 9 diamonds, and hand-engraved hydrangea flowers decorate the case sides. Watch also features a fluted crown with a hand-engraved hydrangea flower and set with a 1 brilliant-cut diamond.

The white gold dial is Grand Feu enameled in blue and purple, then set with a bunch of sculpted and hand-engraved hydrangea flowers. The tourbillon cage surrounded by flowers is at 6 o’clock. Indicating time are white gold, hour and minute hands.

Chaumet Hortensia Tourbillon 2.JPG

The Hortensia Tourbillon is powered by a manual-winding CP12V-IX Hublot Tourbillon 1000 caliber. The timepiece boasts a power reserve of 120 hours. Giving the finishing touch to the Hortensia Tourbillon is hand-stitched blue alligator leather strap, and an 18 karat rhodium-plated white gold pin buckle, set with hydrangea flowers in the center and 3 brilliant-cut diamonds. The Hortensia Tourbillon is limited to 12 pieces.

Source: World Tempus

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