Bob’s Watches World’s One And Only Certified Pre-Owned Rolex Exchange Online

For the Rolex watch enthusiast who can’t afford a brand new one, Bob’s Watches should be your first and only stop to purchase a certified pre-owned one. Bob’s Watches founded by Bob Thompson, had its start in the early dot-com days of 1990’s that sold watches from a multitude of brands besides Rolex. Current owner and CEO Paul Altieri purchased the company in early 2010 with business partner Greg Greiner and streamlined the business to sell only Rolexes. The new website dealing exclusively with used Rolexes was launched in the summer of 2010.

As Bob’s Watches COO, Tommy Nguyen noted “Owning a Rolex watch has always been out of reach for many Rolex enthusiasts. Bob’s Watches simply bridges the gap between these classic timepieces and the people who love them.”

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Bob’s works as a one-stop online exchange where customers can buy, sell and trade Rolexes at true fair market value. Bob’s Watches guarantee their Rolex’s are 100% authentic. Their collection features timeless classics in models ranging from Rolex Daytonas, Submariners and Yachtmasters to Cellinis.

Unlike most other online stores Bob’s carries an actual inventory, this means each and every watch on site is available for purchase right away. Some of the rare watches in current inventory includes a Rolex GMT Master II Ceramic in 18k Gold, a Rolex President Tridor with White Dial, White, Pink Gold & Yellow bracelet and a Rolex Daytona in 18k White Gold & Black Dial.

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“The original goal was to create a central destination where people can sell, buy, or trade Rolex watches at fair market values. We wanted to earn the trust of our valuable customers by being completely transparent about our business model,” explained Paul Altieri the philosophy behind his unique venture.

Transparency and openness being their main tenets, the company follows the bid/ask pricing method, which according to Paul was well received by their customers. One of the challenges in pre-owned business is finding genuine pieces, at Bob’s this difficult task falls on Larry Mendel, an experienced watch master with the knack to snag that priceless piece when he sees one. He handles everything from quotes to purchases on behalf of the company.

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In addition to the online store, Bob’s Watches also have a retail boutique in Westminster, CA. Their online business based in Huntington, CA and this is where 95% of Bob’s transactions happen through

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