Limited Edition Bamford Snoopy Datejust

Bamford Watch Department Snoopy 3

It wasn’t that long ago Bamford Watch Department created the Pop Eye watch from a Rolex Yatchmaster. Now they have done customization work with a Rolex Datejust, this time Snoopy is the star of the dial. A collaboration between Bamford and the Pop Art fashion label Rodnik Band, the Bamford Snoopy Datejust is a limited edition. Offered in two colors, each color is limited to just 25 pieces. Snoopy is featured on the center of the striking dial with its two front paws used as hour and minute hands. Both the black and light grey versions feature Bamford’s famous hard-wearing MGT (military grade titanium) coating.

Bamford founder George Bamford said about limited edition Bamford Snoopy Datejust collection “I am really excited to have created the limited edition Snoopy watch in collaboration with Rodnik as I have been a lifelong fan of Snoopy having had a Snoopy placed in my cot at birth. I have even carried forward that tradition with my own son and daughter. I love the playful nature encapsulated by the Snoopy character and continue to be an avid collector of all things Snoopy.”

Each watch comes in a case that resembles Snoopy’s Doghouse. The customized Rolex Datejust don’t come cheap however, it will cost you an arm and a leg with its $31,514 price tag. But, for a die-hard Snoopy fan with dough, its money well-spent.

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Source: Bamford Watch Department 

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