Beautiful And Tough Bamford Black Ops Deepsea And Submariner Limited Editions

Bamford Black Ops

By turning luxury watches, especially Rolexes into designs that no one has ever imagined is how Bamford Watch Department make a living. With holidays fast approaching, George Bamford and his talented crew decided to dive in and turn screws on few Rolex Oyster Perpetuals to give their signature black ops treatment. They have come up with two eye-catching pieces – Bamford Black Ops Deepsea and Black Ops Submariner.

Two limited editions are extremely stylish and stunning pieces any serious collector should consider adding to his pool. Features common to both models include the all-black theme, superluminova applied dials markings and hands. BWD described the luminous feature as “powerful and menacing as well refined and beautiful.” With both models designed for serious underwater activity, they are equipped to handle water resistance up to 12,800 feet.

Bamford Black Ops Deepsea

The Rolex Perpetual Date turned Black Ops Deepsea’s 44mm case comes dressed in BWD’s signature matte black Military Grade Titanium Coating and feature a regular crown. Its Ceramic Matte Black Bezel has polished raised numbers.

Bamford Black Ops Submariner

Also clad in BWD’s signature matte black Military Grade Titanium Coating, the Black Ops Submariner comes in a 40mm steel case with a Ceramic reversed raised matte black bezel and a regular crown. To be honest, Submariner looks a bit dull because of the reversed raised bezel, perhaps the image is the culprit.

Bamford Black Ops

“Over the years we have built up a number of designs and series that focus on different aspects of military design and application, but the black ops have always been something unique; secretive and unknowable, independent and relentless. The original thought was to create something simultaneously stealthy, sleek and beautiful yet with a tough demeanor. I feel we have accomplished just that and I’m excited to present these designs to our clients around the world”

Both versions of Bamford Black Ops watches are limited editions of 25 pieces each. Pricing on request from Bamford.

Source: Bamford Watch Department

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