Ball Watch Trainmaster Kelvin Pays Tribute To Baron Kelvin

Ball Watch Trainmaster Kelvin 1

The Ball Watch Company is paying tribute to William Thomspon, 1st Baron Kelvin, the inventor of the Kelvin scale of absolute temperature. In 1848 Baron Kelvin successfully calculated absolute zero, this is the temperature point where all thermal motion ceases. According to Kelvin’s calculations it is equivalent to -273°C and the unit of temperature measurement Kelvin (K) is named after him. Fittingly, the Ball Watch Trainmaster Kelvin comes equipped with watchmaker’s patented mechanical thermometer.

Housed in a stylish 39.5mm 18 karat rose gold case, the watch is available with two dial options – grey or silver. Powered by the BALL RR1601 mechanical caliber movement, the crescent shaped mechanical thermometer module located at 6 o’clock is capable of measuring outside temperatures between -35°C and +45°C, scale can be switched between Centigrade and Fahrenheit. A large date aperture is located at 2 o’clock. The dial also features a luminous technology using micro-tubes of titanium gas, which in turn eliminates the need for external source of light and also more effective than conventional luminescent coatings. Both stick hour markers and hands are made in rose gold.

Limited to just 600 pieces, the Ball Watch Trainmaster Kelvin is fitted with a leather strap and pin buckle.

Ball Watch Trainmaster Kelvin 2


Source: World Tempus

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