Badollet Color the Ivresse

Badollet has decided to add color to its iconic Ivresse. 5 colors in all. This cult favorite launched last year at Baselworld to acclaims of media and timepiece aficionados. Badollet is making sure it retains the trust and success it achieved so far with Ivresse.

Badollet CEO Philipe Dubois noted, with the excellent feedback they received at Baselworld 2013 from clients and experts alike they would continue to improve on their classic models including the Ivresse.

Badollet Ivresse 2

The aesthetic refinement, created by Eric Giroud, is equaled only by the mechanical complexity of this timepiece. The flying tourbillon movement, exclusively designed and developed for Badollet, is deliberately hidden from sight. Visible only through the transparent case-back, the tourbillon carriage recaptures the delicate modesty of vintage watches. The sapphire opening is shaped like the symbol of infinity, in a tribute to time as the universal driving force. Elusive, yet perceptible, immutable and yet exhilarating.

Badollet Ivresse 5 Badollet Ivresse 4

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