A Look At The $250,000 Dramatic Anura Rafael Write Time Tourbillon Watch Pen

Anura Rafael Write Time

This new Anura Rafael Write Time is a unique objet d’art and a timepiece rolled into one. There is good news for collectors with an eye for out of the ordinary luxury watches – this piece has escaped the shackles of “concept” world and as soon as you shell out CHF 245,000 (about $250,000) this will be yours. The highlight of this dramatic design is its dual-purpose tourbillon time capsule. The capsule easily converts between a wristwatch and a writing instrument thanks to its patented system. It took Anura Rafael two years to design and develop the timepiece.

Anura Rafael Write Time

A one-of-a-kind hi-tech timepiece needs a one-of-a-kind movement do its complicated work. The Anura Rafael Write Time is powered by a transversal movement that sits inside the sapphire cone with a clean design. The pink gold case measures 55mmX42mmx 31mm, if you want to wear this better bulk up – regardless it fits snugly around the wrist. Because of its unusual design, reading of time on three lateral discs with hand-painted numerals might feel awkward at first, eventually, you’ll get used to reading from it. The tourbillon located on the base offer a clear view of its working via a sapphire crystal capsule.

Anura Rafael Write Time

The intricately designed pen made from 18 karat gold comes wrapped in rich alligator leather. When not worn, the watch rests on top of the barrel. The gold nib is offered in different sizes, and available in two versions – piston filler or cartridge. It also features a proprietary clip and a positioning system to ensure all parts fits perfectly to showcase its elegant ergonomic curves.

Other details include – a 28,800vph balance wheel tempo, 48 hours of power reserve and a large fluted crown. A patented internal-tooth lock system helps to quickly lock and unlock the time capsule to wear it on the wrist or the pen. The movement features no less than 472 parts. Anura Rafael Write Time is fitted on a hand-stitched alligator leather strap with a pink gold pin and buckle.

The timepiece and pen combo are presented in a beautifully designed leather travel case with room to safely tuck away everything including an inkpot. The Swiss-made Anura Rafael Write Time is a bespoke piece, and you can upgrade or downgrade to fit your needs. Visit their website for additional information.

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