Amadéo Fleurier 43 Time Piece With Chinese Dragon The Magnificent Art Piece!

Bovet Amadéo Fleurier 43

Have you ever dreamt of possessing any kind of an art piece with Chinese mythical figure “Dragon” that represents prowess, nobility, and fortune along with the ability to drive out evil and bring out luck? I am pretty sure most of us including myself regardless of our age have had this craving of possessing the image of Dragon, the mythical creature with features of no less than nine animals. Yes! now is the time for us to make our dream a reality as Bovet unveils the collection of Amadéo Fleurier 43, unique timepieces with miniature painted dragons on its mother-of-pearl dials.

This miniature version of the figure of the Dragon is painted either in Gold that symbolizes prosperity or in a mixture of colours of green, yellow, red symbolizing great harvest, solemn empire and excitement respectively.

Bovet Amadéo Fleurier 43

It all began in China during the year 1818, when Maison Bovet Brothers, the experts in the decorative arts and technical inventiveness, impressed Emperor Jiaqing, his successor Emperor Daoguang and their dignitaries through their masterpieces of art. This resulted in a passion and recognition of these marvelous creations of the Bovet brothers among art collectors. The bond between the Bovet creations and the art lovers of Chinese history has grown stronger and stronger over the years. In honour of this unbroken long-lasting connection between the Chinese history and the Bovet 1822, Mr. Raffy, owner of Bovet 1822 and his artisans decided to design and offer this unique timepiece with the painting of Dragon to all the art lovers.

Why are we calling this timepiece a masterpiece? Because it requires approximately one hundred hours to produce each dial. It is handcrafted by an artist on the small surface of the mother-of-pearl dial, with details so fine that the work demands the use of a binocular microscope and a brush that consists of a single marten hair.

Bovet Amadéo Fleurier 43

Presented on the Amadeo Fleurier 43mm timepiece in 18K red gold or white gold, these dials can be used as a wristwatch that is associated with a full-skin alligator strap, a pocket watch completed with a gold-plated silver or rhodium-plated silver chain, or to display it as a table clock. These timepieces come in a convertible case. Thus you can wear it, keep it or hang it in any way you want whilst admire the beauty.

What more can you ask from this timepiece as it’s self-winding movement Caliber 11BA12 powers the hours and minutes and offers a 72-hour power reserve?

It is a real value for money as each Bovet Amadéo Fleurier 43 timepiece is priced at 70,000 CHF (USD 71,000).

Source: World Tempus

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