Visit Gruyères, Switzerland’s Medieval Cheese Town

Hidden in the upper valley of the Saane river area is the small medieval village of Gruyères. Famous for its namesake Gruyères Cheese, the small hilltop village is full of eateries, restaurants and shops. Major tourist attractions includes the Gruyères’ castle and three small museums.

Tourism is one of the main factors supporting the village. The picture postcard village attracts tourists to the village through concerts and theater held in the castle, the cheese factory and the Mont Moléson. A favorite with the hikers and bikers, Mont Moléson provides year round activities for winter and summer tourists.

The Gruyères’ castle, built between 1270 and 1282 with baroque interiors and romantic landscapes is now converted to a museum that boasts 8 centuries of regional architecture, history and culture. The Giger museum is created in honor of Fantastic Realism artist H.R. Giger. His well-known work includes the “Alien” for Ridley Scott film of the same name, for which he won an Oscar. The third is the Tibet museum that showcase over 300 Buddhist sculptures, pictures and artwork from the Himalayas.

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After all the walking and sightseeing is done what other better way to relax than by having a Swiss fondue or a cheese raquelette in one of the village restaurants and watch the world go by. Other culinary delights such as fresh bread, fruits and dry meat can be dipped in Gruyères cheese while enjoying a glass of Swiss wine to expand experiencing what the village has to offer.

With only a two hour train trip from Geneva’s main train station, Gruyères is an excellent one day trip while on a short stay in Geneva.

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