VeryFirstTo Offers “The Art Lovers Dream Trip” To Six Countries

Burning Parliament Building - Turner

A wonderful opportunity to tour mostly European locations that inspired 12 masterpieces by artists including Cézanne, Monet, Gaugain, Renoir, Hockney and Seurat are offered by luxury launches site and luxury scarf brand Babooshka Boo. Six-country The Art Lovers Dream Trip will start with a tour to Westminster in London where Mallord William Turner’s famous impressionist masterpiece portraying the burning of the Houses of Parliament (above). The trip costs £71,000 ($118,875/ €87,340) per couple. Additionally each member is on line to receive 6 Babooshka Boo scarves with designs of some of the beautiful places from around the world.

After Westminster next stop is to Yorkshire where David Hockney created the bold and vibrant ‘Garrowby Hill’. Tour then move to France with stops in Giverny, where Monet painted his “Water Lilies” series and the beautiful town of Collioure where Matisse painted the beautiful ‘Collioure’. In Paris you’ll head to Seine where Renoir splattered his brushes to create the iconic ‘La Grenouillere’ and the gates of Paris that Seurat painted his “A Sunday Afternoon On The Island Of La Grande Jatte”.

Canaletto – The Molo and The Piazetta San Marco Palazzo Ducale - Caneletto

Still in Europe, visits to Venice and Lake Guarda in Italy you’ll find inspirations for Canaletto’s “The Molo and The Piazetta San Marco” and Klimt’s “Church in Cassone”. Trip then moves outside of Europe. In Tahiti Gaugin found peace, harmony and beautiful scenery to create Tahitian landscape paintings. In Japan a visit to is on the card to the Mount Fuji. Japanese artist Hokusai found his inspiration for the painting “The Great Wave” among the Fuji landscape. Sixth country on the list is Tunisia where Swiss-born Paul Klee found motivation for his iconic painting “Temple Garden”.

Vesna Milinkovic, owner of Babooshka Boo says of the trip, “I find landscapes greatly inspiring. I chose the scarves for each country in this incredible trip based on the essence of what I feel from either the painting in terms of colour and style, or what I know of the culture of the particular location.”

For more information about The Art Lovers Dream Trip contact Amar Thapen of 020 7428 6339 or email him at

Water Lilies – Claude Monet Claude Monet

Babooshka Boo Anais Ink Scarf Babooshka Anais Ink Scarf


Source: VeryFirstTo

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