“Spoilt Rotten” Burj Al Arab’s New Service To Spoil Kids

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If you don’t spoil your kids, self-proclaimed “best hotel in the world”, the seven-star Burj Al Arab threatens to do it for you, that is if you shell out £1,100 per night to stay there in the first place. The Dubai hotel has unveiled a new kid’s program named, “Spoilt Rotten” that offers insane services like a kid’s personal butler. In-suite entertainment includes PlayStations, Xboxes, iMacs and 24 karat gold plated iPads. However, the best service of them all for a kid is the Sweet Train that deliver candy, chocolates and bonbons directly to your suite 24/7.

Fun for kids are not limited to indoors, outdoor activities consists of poolside and beach entertainment. But, a visit to Jumeirah Group’s Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project might just be the right thing for a studious kid. On the other hand, if your kids are the active types, just three buggy ride minutes away are the Wild Wadi Waterpark and the Sinbad’s Kids’ Club.

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According to Heinrich Morio, the general manager of Burj Al Arab, luxury doesn’t have an age limit. He also added “It is our job to create the ultimate experience for every Burj Al Arab guest. Our colleagues have a lot of fun finding imaginative and exhilarating ways to surprise and delight our youngest guests.”

Spoilt Rotten service also come with perks such as bespoke bed, bath and beach attire and personalized infant and child menus. To make life easier for parents hotel also supplies air sterilizers and baby monitors, a private toy library and matching parent-child robes, and slippers. You don’t even have to worry about buying beachside ice lollies, for your spoilt little rascals they are also free.

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Source: Burj Al Arab

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