Relay – The Room Service Robot To Deliver Snacks At Tokyo’s Prince Hotel

Relay Robo Waiter

Starting October 2017, guests to Japan’s Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Minato-ku, Tokyo will be served by a robot waiter named “Relay” – on a trial basis. Created by Silicon Valley based company Savioke, sort of a modern day dumbwaiter (without an elevator) will deliver food and snacks without interfering in guest’s privacy or taking up personal time.

As with new technology, there is a downside to Relay, the room service robot becoming successful – there will be fewer jobs for human counterparts – but that’s for another day. Fully independent Relay is proficient enough to navigate itself without colliding with objects along the path to the intended location. Relay can get on and off elevators without human assistance.

The workings of Relay is quite simple. Guests place their food orders as usual via room service or something else from the reception – kitchen staff or reception loads the robot with ordered items and send it on its way to the room. When relay reaches the room, the guest receives a telephone call to inform the arrival of Relay with the goods. After delivery, Relay returns to its docking station and it gets back to recharge the battery.

During the trial period, Prince Hotel plans to collect data to improve their latest employee/robot waiter. They expect the fast moving Relay the Robot to serve the guests throughout their properties on a full-time basis by 2019.

Source: Luxury Launches

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