Qatar Airways’ A380 First Class Suites Offer Dior Kits, Caviar And Laduree Macaroons

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The competition among UAE-based airlines so fierce, they spend billions in buying new aircrafts with best of everything to outdo each other. Beneficiaries of these luxurious improvements in the end are passengers – ok, first and business class ones. Who can forget those luxury suites and residences Etihad announced during the summer. Here we have updates from Qatar Airways for their new Airbus A380 double decker, which began its operations today with flights on Doha-London Heathrow and Doha-Paris routes. Service was originally slated to start in June, but got delayed because the airline thought first class cabins are not “luxurious enough”!

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Located on the upper deck, the first class cabin features just eight suites, which allows ample room for ultra-wide seats that reclines into a 2.2 meter-long fully flat beds. Airline spared no expenses in decorating them – 23 inch wide seats come covered in soft woven fabrics and leather, and engravings in copper. Other luxurious they offer include sleeper suits and slippers, along with premium amenities from Giorgio Armani and Christian Dior.

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Want to watch all the movies Tom Cruise ever made? You can do that. Their movie library even has a special collection dedicated to Cruise. You will be watching movies, TV shows, documentaries and more on a 26” HDTV with a 3.8” touch-screen control. Suites also has remotely controlled adjustable lighting, electrically operated window blinds and aisle dividers for more privacy.

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While you are relaxing, watching movies or taking care of your business matters, there are treats to be tasted. The first class dining service offers an à la Carte menu that feature dishes created by celebrated chefs such as Nobu Matsuhisa, Tom Aikens, Vineet Bhatia and Ramzi Choueiri. Passengers can indulge in everything from caviar to savories to handcrafted Ladurée desserts. And there is no shortage of premium teas and beverages 30,000 ft. up in the sky. If you want to stretch legs, walk over to one of the two bars, they are exquisitely decorated in Arabian-esque chandeliers, fresh flowers and large leather sofas.

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Other spoils include two bathrooms that “creates a spa-like warmth”. They boast large sinks with sensor-operated taps, wardrobes that can double-up as changing rooms and the aforesaid luxury amenities from Armani and Dior.

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The three cabin layout of Qatar’s Airbus A380 is configured to carry 517 passengers that include – 8 in first class, 48 in business class and 461 in economy. World’s largest airliner has a range of up to 8,500 nautical miles, so destinations like London, Paris and New York are direct non-stop flights on it. Given     the well-appointed comforts and amenities Qatar Airways offer, round trip fare for London-Doha route is very reasonable at €5,000 ($6,400).

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Source: Luxury Launches and Qatar Airways

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