Victor Pets On Jets: Pets Fly Free On “Furs Class” During Pet Appreciation Week June 5-10

Victor Pets on Jets Furs Class

Victor, the private jet charter company introduced their popular Furs Class service back in 2012 for well-off pooches and the likes to travel in style and comfort with their owners. To celebrate the upcoming “Pet Appreciation Week” or PAW, Victor like to remind you all pet owners of this courtesy service. During the PAW week from June 5 to 10, guests flying with a pampered poodle can avoid the not-so-pleasant option of leaving it in the cargo bay, and instead keep it with them – in their lap or lie next to them – for FREE.

Victor Pets on Jets Furs Class

The UK-based company also notes that global pet travel increased by 11.3% last year – in all forms of air travel. And some percentage of them belong in the luxury travel category. Not all millionaire jet-setters can afford to buy their own private jets and it is not always easy to carry pets in First Class on commercial aircraft. This is why a service like Furs Class is popular with jet-setting pet owners, which allows them stress-free travel. There are about 7,000 aircraft to charter via Victor at affordable rates to any “Petaway” in the world. Their fleet includes everything from large Airbus and Boeing jets to mid-size Gulfstreams and turboprop Embraers.

Victor Pets on Jets Furs Class

“At Victor, we are always striving to provide a stress-free travel experience – for both our human users and their pets,” says David Young, SVP of North America. “We understand that holds in commercials aircraft carry a risk, and therefore Victor provides the best possible solution for you and your pet to travel in style.”

Victor’s year round Furs Class offer an all-inclusive benefits package that includes treats and toys, stress-free travel for both the pooch and owner and 24/7 customer service. Big(no elephants) or small(no snakes) pets get to travel for free at all times – hamsters fly for free!

Source: Victor

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