Monte Carlo Makes For Unparalleled Luxury Travel

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Narrowing down luxury destinations in Europe can be a difficult process. There are countless big cities and resort retreats that welcome the wealthy and cater to those with rich and extravagant taste. That doesn’t mean you have to be rich to visit these places, but they are fun places to act like a high roller for a few days at a time!

Despite having so many such destinations speckled around Europe Monte Carlo might be on a different tier. Effectively the capital of Monaco, an independent city-state within France, Monte Carlo is a beautiful seaside town known as a playground for the rich and famous, as well as splurging tourists. While the area can be enjoyed on a budget by those who simply want to take in the sights and enjoy the breathtaking location, the array of options for luxury travelers is impressive.

It begins with the resorts. You won’t find commercialized monstrosities blending luxury with a need for activity. Rather, you’ll find ornate resorts that wouldn’t have looked out of place a hundred years ago. Hotel de Paris, Hotel Hermitage, and Hotel Metropole are all recognized as some of the best hotels in town, and all three are legitimate five-star venues. Together, they are marked by marble colonnades, big open rooms, glittering chandeliers, meticulously maintained courtyards, and comfortable rooms with beautiful views. Staying in any of these hotels, you’ll feel more like a visiting royal than a tourist treating yourself to nice accommodations.

Monte Carlo Rolex Tennis Masters

Monte Carlo is also home to some events that seem to have an elevated sense of richness purely because of the surroundings. This is especially true in the realm of sports. For instance, the Monte Carlo Rolex Tennis Masters, a clay court tune-up for the French Open in Paris, is one of the most beautiful tournaments on the tennis circuit because of the location of the stadium, with both sea and mountain backdrops. The Monaco Grand Prix, one of 20 equally weighted events on the Formula 1 calendar, has been described as the race of all races and is generally viewed as the most prestigious of the bunch. It takes place throughout Monte Carlo, winding through the streets and the famous harbor. Taking in either of these events in person can heighten the sense of exclusivity you feel as you enjoy the region.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention the casino in town, which has become iconic over the years. It was first opened in 1863 and remains one of the better casinos in Europe today. It’s known for a connection to the James Bond stories and has been referred to as one of the most glamorous Bond locations in the world. That alone should give you a sense of luxury. If the ultimate sharp dresser and high roller can play a hand of poker or meet an associate at Casino Monte Carlo, it ought to be a treat for any average tourist.

There are also more casual attractions in town. There’s a renowned oceanographic museum that towers over the sea, and there are multiple famous gardens in town. You can relax on one of the nearby beaches, and enjoy affordable seaside cafes as well. Luxury tourists can also fill their time with rich and rewarding activities. We mentioned some specific ideas and attractions above, but rest assured, the shopping and dining options around the city also cater to those who prefer high-end vacations.

Plus, if you really want to treat yourself to the ultimate Monte Carlo experience, you can always look into renting some time on one of the yachts that famously populate the harbor!

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