Livin’ It In Las Vegas Like A Star

Las Vegas

Las Vegas doesn’t do small. The Sin City thrives on grand glamor – be its lavish hotels, out-of-space eating experiences or midnight poker sessions, Vegas does everything with a bang. Here’s the proof.

The Hotel

World Series Of Poker

The first step to experiencing Vegas like a star is to get a worthy hotel suite. Sure, you can find small roadside places where guests of the city can sleep on the cheap, but the posh side of Vegas is way more exciting. And when you need a place to relax after spending hours at the poker table, you better do it in style. Here is the crème de la crème when it comes to living like a celebrity in a city where Texas Hold ‘em and expensive champagne exude in every corner.

We start with 5,000 sq. ft. penthouse Real World Suite at the Hard Rock Hotel. In a real testament to the theme of this place, the penthouse features an exotic fish tank, a pool table, and a bowling alley because why not. If you get the unlikely urge to take a rest, you can do it in one of the three bedrooms or kick back and relax like a rock star in the bronze and pearl tub room.

If you are, however, into relaxation with color therapy, you can do that in style at MGM Grand’s AAA Five-Diamond-rated 3-bedroom SKYLOFTS. Spreading across 6,000 sq. ft. on two floors, guests can also enjoy an immersion chamber, spa butlers and a concierge available 24 hours a day. The luxury loft is fashioned with a modern interior and can host quite a few people in its two king-sized and two queen-sized bedrooms.

But you can go even bigger because Palazzo offers 7,800 sq. ft. of living space in its Chairman Suite. Plush bedding and Italian marble bathrooms are a given, plus guests get a massage parlor, sauna, and gym. The terrace features a pool and overlooks the Las Vegas Valley. All this lavishness comes with an ultra-modern design and screens everywhere. Yes, even in the bathroom.

Yet, The Venetian goes even further with its 7,900 sq. ft. Chairman Suite, which features a baby grand piano among its other luxurious amenities. A spa salon and a media room with karaoke and a PlayStation complete the luxurious suite, which is styled more conservatively with wooden finishing touches.

But this is Vegas, so you can go bolder. For this purpose, The Mirage offers the ultimate experience – an 8,500 sq. ft. three-bedroom villa. The top-tier establishment is finished with Renaissance sculptures in the private yard surrounding the heated pool. Also, there is a beautiful garden, and for ultimate comfort, separate bathrooms for her and him.

The Dinner

LasVegas Caesars Palace Mall

Experiencing Vegas like a high roller doesn’t end with choosing the best hotel room. If you’d like to relax like the wealthy, you also need to eat like them. Fortunately, Vegas has got you covered in this area, too. Here are some of the best places, according to the refined senses of the Michelin inspectors.

After you feast your eyes on Bellagio’s water show, you can dine at Le Cirque – a Michelin-star awarded restaurant where you can taste Maryland Blue Crab with Russian Osetra caviar, risotto with white truffles, Hokkaido scallops and finish with a raspberry parfait.

Another option is to visit Aureole whose kitchen is led by Johnny Church. The chefs will prepare for you delicacies such as hand-made fettuccine, beef, and octopus carpaccio and oysters. You can also opt for the tasting menu, which includes sea bass, filet mignon, and a cheesecake trio.

For a two-Michelin star experience, you can visit Guy Savoy’s restaurant in Caesars Palace. There you can choose from dishes such as octopus in cold cream, Kusshi oyster concasse, veal cheeks and taste a pineapple baked in clay, with a side of aloe vera.

Another two-Michelin star option is Bellagio’s Picasso where you’ll indulge in seared scallops, sautéed halibut, and roasted milk-fed veal chops. For dessert, you’ll have to trust chef Julian Serrano’s daily pick.

But if you’d rather go all-in, Joel Robuchon’s restaurant at MGM Grand is the only one in Vegas with three Michelin stars. There you can opt for Osetra caviar, avocado cannelloni with Scottish salmon, frog leg kadaif fritter and seared scallops in green curry.

The Entertainment

World Series Of Poker

The rich work hard and play hard. So, when the gourmet session is over, it’s time for entertainment. And what better way to have fun in Vegas than going to a casino? Whether you are into poker, blackjack, baccarat or just want to hit the slot machines, these casinos have got you covered.

The one at The Venetian, for example, stretches at 120,000 sq. ft., hosting plenty of tables and machines, including a race and sports betting area.

The Bellagio, on the other hand, will be perfect for high rollers. The casino there has a dedicated poker room named after the famed player Bobby Baldwin. However, if you’d like to hit the felt there, you’ll have to shell out at least $20,000 for the buy-in. It’s no surprise that the world’s best professional poker players are regular guests of the Bellagio.

If you’d rather try your skills at a larger crowd, then you should consider Caesars Palace’s casino, which hosts the annual top-tier tournament: the World Series of Poker. Last year’s main event attracted 7,000 players, so if you are the competitive type, you’ll get plenty of chances to prove your skills.

Another great option is the Aria Resort & Casino’s impressive gaming area, which spreads across 150,000 sq. ft. Apart from its remarkable size, Aria’s casino stands out as one of the few in Vegas that feature natural light coming through numerous windows and skylights.

Yet, if you thought Aria’s gaming area is huge, you must see the Wynn’s 189,000 sq. ft. casino, which in addition to hundreds of tables and slot machines features a Ferrari-Maserati dealership. What’s better than getting a brand-new supercar after a winning streak?

If you want luxury, then Vegas is the place to go. From five-figures-a-night hotel suites to bowling alleys next to your bedroom, the city can impress even the boldest imagination. After all, where else do you get The Venetian canals and the Eifel Tower within walking distance? The whole world gathers in an area that has grown from a patch in the desert to the ultimate retreat for the rich and those who look up to them.

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