Coffee Grain Inspired Kosovo’s New Don Café House

Starbucks is not the only game in town if you ask a native of Pristina. Local coffee shop, Don Café House, in Kosovo wanted to re-think how a coffee house should look like, in their neighborhood. So, they hired the local architectural studio, Innarch for the project. Innarch came up with this unique concept to create interiors as a stimulating world with a little help from shadows of coffee beans, and colors to induce a feeling of calm and happiness. 1365 plywood pieces used to assemble the organically-shaped walls. By covering pillars in coffee sacks, Innarch created the perfect background for the bean-shaped chandeliers to blend in with its surrounding. Let me confirm what you are thinking, coffee tables are bean-themed too.

With their innovative design, Innarch has given the Don Café Pristina a buzz-worthy makeover. Even coffee grain sacks worth a second look, wouldn’t you say?

Don Café House - 2 Don Café House - 5 Don Café House - 4

Source: Pursuitist

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