KLM Amsterdam Sneaker – Designed For Cobblestone Streets Of Amsterdam

KLM Amsterdam Sneaker

Official airline of the House of Orange – the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines recently gave away Orange sneakers on a return flight to Amsterdam. The PR + Charity drive was a collaboration between KLM, Pool Advertising Agency, and UNICEF. The Amsterdam Sneaker was a part of a tour package deal auctioned off last month along with an “I Amsterdam” card and a flight to the city. The city card offered access to a handful of Amsterdam’s famous museums and attractions.

For tourists, comfort is more important than style. The good thing about sneakers these days is most offer both style and extreme comfort. If you are a tourist visiting Europe’s old cities with cobblestone roads, you better have footwear equipped to handle uneven surfaces – the Amsterdam Sneaker is built to handle everything from a strong grip to beer spills.

No one expects an airline to design a fashionable sneaker on their own and the collaboration with Pool Advertising Agency has been a great help in this. As explained by Pool copywriter Ulf Rönnbäck “We had the shoe made after a few criteria – it had to be durable since it really should be used for walking, it should support the foot, the outer had to be durable as well, as the weather in Amsterdam is not always sunny, and we figured it had to be able to bear a spill of beer too. We wanted it to show the Dutch heritage, hence the orange color.”

In all, the airline offered a total of 150 “I Amsterdam” and The Amsterdam Sneaker packages up for auction. All sold out with proceeds in its entirety going to UNICEF. Watch the video below to learn more about the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ Amsterdam Sneaker.

Source: Luxury Launches

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