Join “Mile Low Club” On “Lovers Deep” Submarine At $292,800 Per Night

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Moneyed and looking for a never before done adventure, British travel agency Oliver’s Travel has one that is just right in your alley. The underwater hotel named “Lovers Deep” allows love stuck couples to make their romantic getaway aboard a luxury submarine. To afford this deep sea love package you need seriously deep pockets with a one-night stay costing $292,800.

This special package as Oliver’s Travel describes it, is for daring couples looking for thrills, or for the ones already members of the Mile High Club at 35,000 feet looking to enter the Mile Low Club. Luxury submarine has all the comforts you get on dry land including furnishings and “sound-proof living accommodations” to make Mile Low Club stay private and enjoyable.

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There are two locations the company chose to anchor the “Lovers Deep,” one is near the coral reef off the coast of  St. Lucia and the other near a sunken battleship in the Red Sea. Since you have to travel a bit far to get to the submarine, Oliver’s Travel decided to throw in a petal scattering service for your pleasure at no additional cost!

This is like “Love Boat” but under sea. If you plan to book the submarine as part your honeymoon package you have more free goodies coming your way. They offer a free lovers’ dinner menu that includes oysters, caviar and chocolate fondant with essence of pomegranate.

Here is the rest of what you get for $292,800 per night stay – a captain, a private chef and butler, speedboat transfers and optional add-ons that include helicopter transfers, beach landing, two-person shower, and champagne-soaked breakfast.

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Source: Huffington Post

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