Planning A Trip To Japan? Consider A Trip In Isetan Mitsukoshi Luxury Bus With Business Class Service

Isetan Mitsukoshi Luxury Japanese Bus Tour 1

A trip to Japan should be on everyone’s bucket list and if that trip includes a luxury bus ride in and around Japan – it would add more value to the trip. Offered by upscale tour operator Isetan Mitsukoshi Travel with fares starting at ¥150,000 ($1,200) per person for a two-day round trip, you are assured to travel in luxury equivalent to a business-class ride on an airplane. Even though the price seems too high, it includes stays at top-class hotels, tours to landmarks and meals.

The company is able to do this by reconfiguring the 45-seat capacity bus interiors to fit just 10 seats. Just two buses are operating currently and they hope to add few more to the fleet before the next spring. The luxurious Mitsukoshi Premium Cruiser buses feature reclining seats and plenty of leg room to stretch even when the bus is in motion. According to Isetan Mitsukoshi they have spent between ¥120 million ($978,000) and ¥130 million ($110,000) on a bus including for improvements, which is about three times the cost of a standard bus.

Isetan Mitsukoshi Luxury Japanese Bus Tour

They have nothing to worry about recovering the cost however, the bus service is so popular they have sold most of their summer packages and ready for fall, winter and spring tours to start. Packages include summer firework festivals, fall foliage and cherry blossom tours in spring. Most of the travelers consists of older retired couples and small tour groups.

Isetan Mitsukoshi Luxury Japanese Bus Tour

Their three day packages cost between ¥245,000 ($1,980) and ¥330,000 ($2,665). Packages range from two to five days. Some packages include part of the trip in the Shinkansen. Destinations include the Izu area of Shizuoka Prefecture, the Nikko area of Tochigi Prefecture and resorts near the greater Tokyo area. Historical sites visited include Shoka Sonjuku in Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture. This school is renowned for educator Yoshida Shoin (1830-1859) and many of his pupils who became leading figures in the Meiji Restoration. If I could afford it, I sure would do it.

Isetan Mitsukoshi Luxury Japanese Bus Tour


Source: Luxury Launches

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