FlyOtto Charter Service Is Your “Black Car Service In The Sky” To Fly When You Want Where You Want


There are about 5,000 underused but freely accessible public airports in the United States. There are also hundreds of thousands of privately owned small aircraft, seaplanes and helicopters flying around the country daily. Unless you have your own private jet or fly premium at all times – convenience and comfort are not things to look forward to. This is especially true when dealing with ever increasing airport security. You jump all the hoops and get on the plane to find out there is no leg room for your long legs. To avoid these inconveniences, now you can fly private with the affordable “black car service in the sky” charter service named FlyOtto.

The brand new service launched last September is the vision of Rod Rakic, a FAA commercial pilot and founder of FlyOtto. “We’ve created a new experience for the everyday traveler. If you anticipate traveling 4-8 hours by car, FlyOtto is a viable, safe, accessible option that can get you there quicker in your own private plane. Our company is made up of pilots so we know the rules and regulations when it comes to aviation; customers will always have that assurance when using FlyOtto,” said Rakic.


All the bookings are made from their user-friendly website. Searching and getting instant quotes for departures within 24 hours is one of FlyOtto’s best features. Once you select your options, FlyOtto then works behind the scenes to match your needs with a private charter company. The service is perfect for anyone traveling with kids, pets and loads of luggage.

Many of the private jet charter companies require you to pay an annual membership fee to use their service, there is no such requirement to use FlyOtto. This is a very cost effective way to fly at your own pace. They have flights that you can book for $1,200 one-way. If you have a group to share the cost, depending on the size and type of the aircraft you can lower the cost per person considerably. So, if you want to take advantage of hassle-free flying give FlyOtto a chance and visit their website here to make your first reservation.

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