Explore The World’s 12 Most Fashionable Cities In One Trip On A2B E-Bikes

Avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris

If you didn’t know before now you know – Paris, New York, Milan, London, Barcelona and Rome, are the most fashionable cities in the world. VeryFirstTo.com found out this bit of information when they conducted a research poll on behalf of A2B. Based in Germany, A2B is one of the first innovators of the e-bike. To celebrate their recently launched e-bikes the Obree and Orsted, A2B is offering a trip for two to e-bike their way in and around twelve of world’s most fashionable cities. Month long trip is priced at $135,000 (£80,100/ €97,900) per couple.

The German made Obree and Orsted e-bikes are designed to offer comfortable rides. Exceptional features of  bikes include recharging while pedaling and breaking, up to 80m/130km travel range, five levels of assist and legal top speed limit of 15.5mph/25kmh in Europe, 20mph/32kmh outside Europe. The couple will not only be roaming cities on eco-friendly Obree and Orsted, at the end of the tour fashionable bikes are theirs to keep.

A2B Orsted
A2B Orsted E-Bike 1

Paris is everyone’s favorite fashionable destination according to the survey, while in Paris couple get to visit the artistic district of Le Marais, Avenue Montaigne, Beauborg and Rue St Honoré. And in the evening for pre-dinner drinks they can hit the upscale bar in the Hôtel Costes and dine at the Alain Ducasse. In London they will stay at newly opened Rosewood Hotel and ending the day with dinner at Le Gavroche and cocktails at the Connaught Bar. In Milan everything is set to experience diversified interests of Italian fashion houses that include a stay at the Armani Hotel, dining at Dolce & Gabbana Gold and partying at the Cavalli Club.

Across the pond in New York a stay at the luxury Loews Regency is on the card along with dining at the Blue Fin and visits to Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In Los Angeles the Hotel Bel-Air, Chateau Marmont and Mr Chows awaits for a luxury stay and dining.

Each and every fashionable city on the list have plenty of bike paths and places to explore – indoors and outdoors. A local guide is also a part of the package. Organized by Colletts Travel trip starts any time from October onwards. For additional information contact Amar Thapen 020 7428 6339 or Amar.T@VeryFirstTo.com.

A2B Obree
A2B Obree E-Bike 2


Source: VeryFirstTo

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