Milan Excelsior’s $21,000-Per-Night Bullet Proof Katara Suite Named Best In The World, Again

Excelsior Katara Suite

When in Milan do as the Milanese do.. ok that is about Rome and the Romans. And neither one of everyday Milanese nor Romans can afford to stay at the €20,000-per-night newest, largest and most luxurious hotel suite in Italy. The Katara Suite is a one-of-a-kind luxury in many ways. How many luxury hotel suites you know that has hi-level discreet security features including bullet proof windows? I didn’t even know there are any until I came across this.

Excelsior Katara Suite

The Katara Suite, located on the top floor of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia comes with a complete set of luxury features fit for VVIPs, such as they can have a barbecue party on the exclusive rooftop private terrace. Or enjoy a glass of Champagne while sitting in Jacuzzi at the private domed Pagoda Spa in its all purple glory.

Excelsior Katara Suite

Part of Excelsior’s royal suites, depending on the needs of the guests it can be expanded by combining adjoining two rooms plus their unique Princess Suite (below). The 11,000-square-feet suite in all has 4 opulent bedrooms with sleep accommodations up to eight people.

Excelsior Katara Suite

Hotel website strongly recommends the suite for high-level delegations – that means if recently elected US President plans to stop by in Milan, this may be the best place to stay. For the second year running World Travel Awards chose the Milan Katara Suite as the World’s Leading Hotel Suite, so the suite comes with serious luxury pedigree.

Just so you know complimentary Maserati airport transfer is also part of the package. See in pictures what this is all about and what you get for that €20,000-per-night rate (about $21,000) below.

Here is one of the terraces surrounded by greenery. Sun lounges are from Italian-brand Fendi Casa. Excelsior Katara Suite

This is the dining room with seating for 10. Bring in the gourmet food. Excelsior Katara Suite

This is a proper luxury living room. Time for cocktails. Excelsior Katara Suite

TV room with ample space for diplomats to have a quite word with a spy! Excelsior Katara Suite

This large bathroom is filled with luxury amenities. Who needs a jacuzzi when there is a whirlpool bath?
Excelsior Katara Suite

Another part of the main bathroom Excelsior Katara Suite

Princess Suite view from a different angle Excelsior Katara Suite

This is too good to be a kid’s room. When you pay €20,000 per night, you get the best. Excelsior Katara Suite

This is the conference room to hold all those important secret meetings. Excelsior Katara Suite


Source: Business Insider

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