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Ellenborough Park

It is never too early to make Christmas plans. Those of you who prefer travel instead of spending Christmas at home now is time to consider making that all-important trip to the picturesque Cotswold in the southwest of England. Better yet, make arrangements to stay at the boutique hotel Ellenborough Park, located in the heart of Cotswold. Their recent (1833) history says it was the home of former Governor General of India 1st Earl of Ellenborough, they named the place after him. Apparently, they also have an India-themed spa. The manor house actually has a long written history that dates back to 1500s.

Enough of history lessons, back to Christmas travel. The hotel just published their Christmas program, which they named “The Ellenborough Park Christmas In The Cotswold Collection”. And we bloggers love anything titled “collection”. They offer something for everyone, not just that fit the budget, but individual needs too. That’s why their à la carte Christmas specials are priceless.

Cotswold is just a two-hour drive from London. So, if you are in London and looking to do something different for Christmas, Ellenborough Park is the perfect place to be. The area offers a multitude of things to do. For example, you can make a day trip to Stratford-upon-Avon to brush up your Shakespeare. They offer lots of different choices for the holiday season including for New Year, however, for this story we’ll stay with the Christmas section. It has four options – two of them are strictly Christmas related and the other two are for the holiday season. Below are short descriptions of them.

Yuletide Glamor
Ellenborough Park
Ellenborough Park invites you to make their place your place during Christmas. They hold all festivities at the award-winning Beaufort Dining Room. The three-night deal starts on Christmas Eve and continues through Christmas, Boxing Day and 27th December. Expect a flow of champagnes, canapes, hearty dinners and English breakfasts. Prices range from £1,899 in a Small Double room to £3,429 in an Open Plan Suite for 2.

Casual Christmas
Ellenborough Park
Next up is the Casual Christmas. This deal also is for 3 days starting on Christmas Eve and ending on 27 December. They promise to pour the sherry and let you enjoy Christmas in the relaxed casual atmosphere of The Brasserie. On Christmas Eve, things start off with Festive Afternoon Tea Buffet and cap off things on Christmas day with “The Feast In The Brasserie”. The Boxing Day also offer dinner in The Brasserie and end your stay on 27 with breakfast. Price range from £1,699 in a Small Double room to £3,229 in an Open Plan Suite for 2.

Christmas Luxury Lunch Buffett
Ellenborough Park
This is perfect for those just want to stop by and enjoy lunch with a group. Get into the festive spirit with a luxury buffet lunch. Perfect perhaps for office Christmas lunch or to celebrate with family and friends. Offered at the Gallery throughout December. The fancy buffet is a much sought after affair, better hurry up to make your reservation. £30 per person.

Festive Dining And Christmas Parties
Ellenborough Park
Fine dine at their elegant The Beaufort Dining Room. In Cheltenham, this is one of the exclusive party venues, here you get the chance to enjoy an afternoon or late evening during holidays at the elegant oak paneled restaurant. Patrons can ask to dine at the Brasserie for a more relaxed and informal experience among mistletoes, trees, and lights. Cost per person – £27.50 lunch, £40 dinner Sun-Thu and £50 dinner Fri and Sat.

Source: Ellenborough Park

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