Christian Lacroix Designed Hôtel du Continent In Paris Offers Simple Luxury

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Soon to be officially opened, the Hôtel du Continent in Paris has an unusual interior design theme. Each of the six floors of the 25 room hotel is named for a continent and interiors decorated accordingly by French stylist and couturier Christian Lacroix.

The reason behind the choice of six continents namely Europe, Africa, Asia, America, Antartica and Oceania as described by Lacroix “To choose one continent per floor? But there are six of them! We could have considered South America on one hand and North America on the other. But we’d rather invent a sixth land: the Poles, the Arctic and the Antarctic. All six areas have been envisioned far from any anthropological or strictly ethnic preoccupation, but rather with this fanciful distance known to ancient travelers who brought back with them not only scientific information but tales and dreams too. Parisians were thus fed with fantasy legends and traditions as well as truthful information.”

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Rooms, each decorated uniquely and different from each other comes with amenities such as a/c, free Wi-Fi, double-glazing window, shower, “Missoni” complimentary toiletries, bathrobe and slippers, hair-dryer and razor only outlet. In-room comforts minibar, safe, flat-screen TV and telephone are available for all rooms. Reception wake-up call and ironing available on request. Rooms available in 3 different sizes – extra-small, large and extra-large. Room rates starts from £125 for extra-small, medium £135 and £190 for extra-large.

Located in the heart of Paris near the prestigious Place Vendôme and Rue Royale, the Hôtel du Continent is a wonderful relaxing place for the globe-trotting traveler and the businessman in town alike. The 19th century built hotel is set to receive its grand re-opening on 3rd February 2014.

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Source: Hôtel du Continent

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