Enjoy The Cozy Atmosphere Of A Swiss Village At Chalet Fleurier Paris-Vendôme In Paris

Chalet Fleurier Paris-Vendôme

The Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme has a little winter tradition going back few years. They set aside a part of their winter terrace to recreate a Swiss Chalet named Chalet Fleurier. During Christmas, it brings its own winter wonderland to the heart of Paris. It really is nice to find such a cozy and warm place among this cities hustle and bustle. The background story to Chalet Fleurier Paris-Vendôme at Park Hyatt has everything to do with Swiss watchmaking industry and the watchmaker Chopard.

Chalet Fleurier Paris-Vendôme

Sponsored by Chopard, the Chalet Fleurier is a replica of a Chalet in Fleurier village in Jura, Switzerland. Fleurier is where most of the workshops of high-end watchmakers are located, including that of Chopard. So, the brand wanted to give Parisians and outside visitors to Paris a taste of old mountain chalets in Jura. Records show Fleurier is home for finest watchmakers of the world since the 17th century. Even if you can’t visit the beautiful region in person, at least now you can enjoy the chalet experience in Paris.

Chalet Fleurier Paris-Vendôme

The Chalet Fleurier menus are prepared by Jean-François Rouquette, the Chief Executive of the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme. There are two mouth watering dinner menus for diners to choose from – the €175/person “Raclette Montagnarde” and the €275/person “Raclette Palace with black truffle”. Items on the menu include Mountaineer Raclette with cheese Saint Nicklaus, new potatoes and a selection of meats from the Alps that is sure to delight Swiss specialty food aficionados. Sweet treats are prepared by pastry chef Jimmy Mornet.

The Chalet Fleurier Paris-Vendôme is a wonderful experience for city slickers who want to stay in Paris during the cold months, yet enjoy something different. It is open during winter months from December 1 through March 1, 2017. The chalet seats 4 to 10 guests and serves lunch during winter months, which they open daily at 12.15pm. For reservations call 01 58 71 10 60 or email reservations.restaurants@hyatt.com.

Source: Park Hyatt Paris

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