“Canine Be Mine” Valentine’s Day Package For Your Poodle From Topnotch Resort

Canine Be Mine Topnotch Resort

Topnotch Resort in Stowe, Vermont has a special Valentine’s Day package for you and your doggy friend. The “Canine Be Mine” package offers a day out in the very very cold New England to enjoy, relax and do outdoorsy things like hiking on a dog-friendly hike trail. Other fun activities for the dog and the missus includes with the help of Topnotch’s topnotch map to explore even more cold outdoors by going out for a walk, stick-throwing and relaxing in cool cold locations in Stowe, Vermont.

Package offers one night deluxe dog-friendly accommodations and breakfast-in-bed for you and your dog. Topnotch Resort emphasized on the fact they have two separate menus for dogs and humans. Dogs get a special grain-free/corn-free dog biscuit delivered via room service and humans have a choice of one sumptuous entrée, one juice and one coffee from Flannel Restaurant’s human menu.

All this romantic love sharing amount to just $225 from midweek including taxes and fees. Offer valid for travel dates through June 29, 2014, so this a great buy now for a future rendezvous too.


Source: Topnotch Resort

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