Boutique Ritz-Paris Sells Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Nick From Your Hotel Room

Boutique Ritz-Paris

Even a lifetime of savings not going to help us fund a night’s stay at Ritz-Paris. And, and I am not even talking about the Suite Impériale, which is going to bankrupt you to the tune of €22,000 per night (about $30,000). Recently re-launched Boutique Ritz-Paris online store is here to hep those who love to stay at the hotel but cannot afford to and those who stay at the hotel and want to take a piece of it back home – at a reasonable price. The online boutique sells Ritz-Paris branded luxury lifestyle items, gourmet food, luxury linens, diamond jewelry and even gift cards. Check out few of the items from the new website below and go shopping.

Cashmere Travel Set – €580
Boutique Ritz-ParisTake your favorite Ritz-Carlton blanket everywhere and don’t ever use a used blankets ever again. Packed inside the fashionable zip-up travel pack is an eye mask and cashmere throw. Available in a range of colors including peach.

Stained Glass Blue Scarf – €250Boutique Ritz-ParisThe patterns on the scarf is borrowed from hotel’s architecture and the gardens. One design comes from the stained glass window illuminating the staircase of the hotel lobby. The other from the Art Deco inspired themes of spiraling trees and flowers that decorate the central area of the hotel.

Peach Bathrobe – €200
Boutique Ritz-Paris
Ritz Hotels prefer their soft lush Egyptian cotton bathrobes in apricot peach color, and bed linens too. The reason is César Ritz, the founder of the Ritz Hotel chain. He observed that peach as a color enhances ladies’ complexions, and he wanted his female customers to feel better about themselves when they stay at his properties. These days’ hotel guests of all ages get their bathrobes in peach. And, now you can buy these luxury robes without setting foot inside a Ritz – for the entire family.

Grand Marnier Ritz Paris – €140
Boutique Ritz-Paris
The House of Grand Marnier teamed up with Ritz-Paris to celebrate the re-opening in a big way with an exclusive edition of their iconic Cuvée du Centenaire. Now you can order a Grand Marnier Ritz Paris directly from the online boutique.

Blue Notebook A5 – €39.00
Boutique Ritz-Paris
The art of writing on paper with a pen is not completely dead, yet. Take the Ritz Notebook everywhere you go to make notes of your journeys, experiences or to write a quick note for someone. Offered in Ritz blue or white leather, the notebook features 152 lined vellum pages. Sized perfectly to fit in a pocket or a handbag.

Source: Luxury Launches

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