BMW Designs Next Generation Business Class Seats Featuring Vision Control

BMW Business Class Seating

If you are a frequent flyer on business class, how things get done in that zip code is about to change soon. Three companies that know a thing or two about design, technology and aerospace industry are working on a prototype to develop smart business class seats – a concept so far-reaching, it is sure to give some privacy advocates headaches. Collaborators of this project are Thales, B/E Aerospace and BMW’s design arm BMW Design Works.

Incredibly tech-savvy seat can claim the bragging rights for its ability to know who you are, what you want and when you want it. If you let it access your PDA, using Thales SmartPIMS system it will read everything about you including your social profiles and learn your tastes in music, movies, food and your favorite massage settings. Once it learn all about you, it will make you suggestions about onboard entertainment, food and comforts.

For entertainment, seat has its own surround sound system, just be careful what you watch while onboard. That technology is wrapped around the luxury headrests. Another very cool (or creepy) feature is its visually controlled in-flight entertainment system (IFE). When you eye-ball an icon on the screen, let’s say a movie, it start playing it. If you look away for a minute or fall asleep it pauses automatically, your eyes are back on it, it starts. There are other things vision control system can do, like reading your facial features to run a health check, test your vision and recommend glasses. However, you have the option to switch off vision control system.

Availability of this advanced technology becoming a reality not that far away. According to partners of the project it will be ready in the next 3-5 years.


Source: Quartz

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