Abu Dhabi To Host World Luxury Expo At Palatial Emirates Palace

Moiseikin Jewellery - Horn of Plenty

The third edition of World Luxury Expo will be held at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi from 27-29 September 2013. With the enthusiastic participation from world’s leading luxury brands, the series has gain momentum. And Abu Dhabi plans to make this an annual event. The first two luxury expos were held this year, first in January in Burj Al Arab, Dubai and the second in February at the palatial Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh.

Invitation only event will showcase the best of world’s leading luxury brands to the affluent clientele from across the GCC region. Abu Dhabi has aspirations to be the luxury retail capital of the world and it has an ever increasing client base, luxury brands eager to cater to.  With high net worth clients with a minimum fortune of $30 million set to rise in the region by 53 percent, this seems a very attainable goal.

Categories ranging from fine arts, high-end jewelry, and fashion, exquisite time pieces, designer furniture, fine dining to automobiles will feature at the World Luxury Expo.

Emirates Palace

One of the participants, Porsche plans to introduce their first ever Panamera Executive model with 15 cm long wheelbase to the region.  High-end jeweler Moiseikin Jewellery will present their “Imperial Collection,” with tourbillon timepiece “Horn of Plenty” as the highlight. The piece adorned with over 4,000 diamonds weighing 30 karats, is valued at $1.5 million. Another exhibitor is B5 Art of Living LLC, they will present an innovation from human biophysical medicine, the Human Regenerator. This unique technology in rejuvenation, health, and well-being is valued at over $544,000 and stems from the principle that everything, including matter, consists of physical stem cell information according to quantum physics.

Other participants at the World Luxury Expo include bespoke fragrances by haute perfumeries, House of Sillage,  , the finest Swiss-made Rebellion Timepieces, Cornelio Cappellini, Giorgio Collection, Mariner furniture, Italian jeweler, Giarletta Rosmundo who will be presenting the famed Al-Noor Jewel, fine artwork by Marie-Josée Primeau, Dubai-based luxury Al Barari Luxury Villas, collectors pieces by Italian Gold Line, a presentation of The Royal Collection by Sony and one of the world’s most expensive headscarves by Kashperia.

From Abu Dhabi, World Luxury Expo moves to Doha with dates set from 14-16 November. Then to Kuwait in December and to Saudi Arabia in 2014, thus creating this an annual event series in the GCC region.

Source: World Luxury Expo

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