Explore The World – 5 Travel Adventure Trips You Need To Take In 2015

Katalyst - Blue Ice, Greenland

You don’t have to stress about doing research trying to find the most adventurous places to visit next year. California-based PR firm Katalyst Public Relations has taken care of that time consuming part for you. They have short-listed five destinations from around the world for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts.

Katalyst Public Relations invites you to “choose from one of these awe-inspiring travel destinations that don’t skimp on adrenaline and adventure.”

Milford Sound, New Zealand Katalyst - Milford Sound NZ Described by Rudyard Kipling as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’, Milford Sound was carved by glaciers during the ice ages. As one of the wettest places on earth, the landscape provides an emerald-green and waterfall-rich backdrop for hiking, biking and kayaking. The Fjordland stretches more than 124 miles south, with extensive trails mountain ranges and brilliant sights to explore.

Offering experiences like sea kayaking, biplane tours, sea cruises and guided hikes amongst the waterfalls and glaciers, Real Journeys NZ offers spectacular 3-day tours of stunning Milford Sound, with a focus on eco-conservation. www.realjourneys.co.nz.

Malpais, Costa Rica Katalyst - Pura Vida Costa Rica If ziplining through a tropical forest canopy, horseback riding on the beach or catching some of the best surf in the world sounds like your ideal trip, there is no better destination than Malpais on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Highlighted by friendly locals, fresh tropical fruits and a dazzling array of wildlife, Costa Rica rich cultural experience that is imparts a rich and inspiring experience.

Pura Vida Adventures aims to provide empowering, inspiring and active retreats on Costa Rica’s best coast. Choose a seven-day, six-night adventure combines that combines daily surf and yoga instruction, the option to paddle-board or zipline and a volcanic hike that ends with an infinity pool and swim-up bar. www.puravidaadventures.com.

Rift Valley Province, Kenya OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Croc-filled rivers, acacia forests and grasslands cover this 200-square-mile reserve in southwestern Kenya, where jeep tours and hot air balloon safaris provide sweeping views. From July to October the wildlife-watching reaches a crescendo as 1.3 million wildebeest migrate into the park, predators in pursuit.

Kenya is the quintessential Africa of wildlife documentaries, with vast plains speckled with wildebeest, gazelle, zebra and the big cats they attract. Go with a tour specialists who knows the region and be sure to see some unforgettable wonders. Audley offer the option to view Kenya’s spectacular sights by hot air balloon, jeep, cruise boat or snorkel. www.audleytravel.com.

Soca River, Slovenia Katalyst - Soca River, Slovania Part of the former Yugoslavia, Slovenia stretches from the Alps to the Mediterranean. In addition to hiking, cycling and water sports like river rafting, the Soca River offer magnificent sights to behold. Nicknamed “The Emerald Beauty” due to its emerald-green water, the Alpine river is one of the rare rivers in the world that retains such a rich green colour throughout its length.

Based out of a self-sustainable and solar powered eco-adventure resort on the Soca River, Adrenaline-Check offers thrilling activities for every type of adventure junkie. Choose from 4, 6, or 7-day trips that include hiking, paragliding, riverboarding, kayaking, ziplining, cycling, rock climbing, canyoning and rafting – just to name a few. www.adrenaline-check.com.

Destination Arctic Circle, Greenland Katalyst - Destination Arctic Circle, Greenland Destination Arctic Circle is home to Greenland’s only road to the Ice Cap dog sledding route, the world’s toughest ski race, top notch heliskiing around the Eternity Fjord, unspoiled rivers, remote mountain valleys and the country’s clearest viewing points for watching the northern lights. Adventure is at the core of the journey in Destination Arctic Circle and the region’s diversity is the framework for life-changing experiences.

Discover all that Greenland has to offer with a certified adventure guide that will take you far beyond civilization. The endless adventure activity in Destination Arctic Circle include dog sledding, heliskiing, climbing and mountaineering, diving, whale watching, hiking, kayaking, viewing of the northern lights, snowmobiling, river fishing and the chance to get up close with arctic wildlife like seals, caribou and polar bears. www.greenlandtours.com.


Source: Katalyst PR

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