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This is the home of actor Patrick Dempsey, his wife Jillian and kids Talula, Darby and Sullivan. The former home of artists Ron Davis, designed by a young Frank Gehry has been transformed from a bohemian atelier to a warm and artfully decorated home.

Built in 1968 the home has around 5,000 sq ft. of living space and 5 acres of land. The previous owners of the house spa entrepreneurs Sue and Alex Glasscock called it the “Tin House” and had extensive landscape work done. When Dempseys moved in they kept most of that work, but also made changes like adding a family fun zone, flat lawn for soccer games, and enough room for chickens, miniature donkeys and rabbits.

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“We were looking for a little land and space, and a house with some architectural significance,” the Grey’s Anatomy star recalls of their search for a new home five years ago. “The exterior’s simplicity appealed to me, and the inside felt very expansive and calming. Everywhere you looked there was something visually pleasing.”

The cozy interior decorations feature honeyed tones and earthy texture of the flooring. Estee Stanley, who also decorated previous residences for Dempseys brought in numerous antiques and vintage objects rich with patina, as well as custom-made furnishings, and organized everything into smart, comfortable vignettes ideal for repose.

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Source: Architectural Digest

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