Picturesque “Used” Italian Village Calsazio For Sale On eBay For Just $330,000

Italian Village of Calsazio 3

For $330,000 (€245,000) you can’t even buy a decent house in New York, but today is your lucky day, for that amount you can pinch an entire Italian village. Right now this picturesque Village Calsazio looks like she’s past her prime and needs serious fixing from her future master. Located just 50 miles from the city of Turin near Gran Paradiso National Park, village comes with 14 houses that count for 50 rooms.

Of all the selling options available, the Calsazio decided to list itself on eBay Italy and not go with a real estate agent. The seller with the eBay ID “it2014.piemo” describes the place as being at a “strategic location”. The Alpine village is ideal to convert into a tourist destination with nearby Paradiso National Park as an additional attraction. Other option is to turn the village into a retirement or a residential sanctuary.

Italian Village of Calsazio 2

Whoever listed the village on eBay has a good sense of humor – it is listed as “used” and “non-returnable”. The Calsazio village’s stone houses are part of architectural and historical heritage, so before making any renovations new owner might have to spend more time and additional funds on getting permissions from authorities.

Italian Village of Calsazio 1


Source: CNBC

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