Fake 5th Avenue Created In China’s Wuxi City To Attract Property Buyers

A couple of years ago world learned about the fake Apple Store in China, now we hear the news about a fake 5th Avenue in Wuxi City in Jiangsu Province. The culprit of these shenanigans, Shimao Skyscraper, on its ground floor has created an alternative universe of a high-end shopping complex.

The entire street, some in China called the “shanzai street” or a “street of fakes,” displays storefronts with signs that read “SFFCCCKS” for Starbucks, “ZARE” for Zara, “Appla” for Apple, “H&N” for H&M, and “HUGO BGSS” for Hugo Boss. Besides famous international brands, Chinese institutions such as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China are represented with knock-off versions too.

Fake 5th Avenue China 2

Some local news reports say this is a gimmick put out by a commercial property developer to attract potential property buyers and renters. As expected, not many are thrilled with the continuing intellectual property rights infringements in China.

Fake 5th Avenue China 3 Fake 5th Avenue China 4 Fake 5th Avenue China 5

Source: PSFK

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