Inside Donald Trump’s $100 Million Trump Tower Penthouse

Donlad Trump Tower Penthouse

Gaudy is one of the best ways to describe Donald Trump and his crown jewel Trump Tower penthouse. His style is more in line with his fellow dictators Vladimir Putin, Saddam Hussain, Robert Mugabe, Viktor Yanukovych and Ferdinand Marcos. And not to mention a host of Russian oligarchs and Middle Eastern sheiks famous for stealing from the public coffers. All of them have one thing in common – they live in flashy palaces, houses and apartments with gilded French period furniture made six months ago, a lot of chandeliers painted ceilings and portraits of themselves.

Two well-known interior designers at different points of time worked on Trump’s penthouse apartment. Work was started by the late Angelo Donghia, known for his elegant looks. The second decorator, Henry Conversano is perhaps the most interesting, who made his name doing design work for casinos. This perhaps is the reason, Donald’s apartment looks a lot like Caesar’s Palace casino with floor to ceiling marble and gold pillars, and crystal chandeliers.

Other opulent items include gold-trimmed furniture, marbled floors and tables, frescoed ceilings, crystal candelabras, bronze statues and family crests. Don’t worry, the real Renoir “La Loge” is still a part of the collection at Courtauld Institute of Art in London – Donald just owns a copy.

The Donald Trump Tower Penthouse apartment spans three floors and the 10-year old Barron Trump said to have one of the gilded floors to himself. The $100 million triplex used to be one of the things that gave Trump the attention he craves, now with the presidency and the power that comes with it, he gets more attention than he can handle.

Source: Politico Magazine

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