$2 Million Dollar Pool In Utah With A Man-Made Mountain

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Owner of this home must be a billionaire, otherwise how would you spend cool $2 million to build a one-of-a-kind pool. Featured recently on Animal Plant’s “The Pool Master”, this must be one of the most expensive pools ever built on a private property in the world. For the money he spent, the owner has a luxury pool that is 140 feet-long, a towering man-made mountain, five waterfalls, a diving rock and a 300 foot long lazy river in his Springville, Utah property. Pool holds 360,000 gallon of water in total.

One area of the pool is built deep enough at 26 feet, the scuba dive loving owners practice their expensive hobby at home – 1,000 miles away from the closest ocean. The entrance to the scuba area is through a 54-foot long tunnel that is 5-foot wide and leads to pool from a point within the mountain. The 300 feet lazy river is jet propelled and encircles the entire pool that offers great views of the mountain.

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The mountain made from rebar and metal beams is a 1050 foot long and 90 foot tall concrete building painted to look like a mountain. Architects and contractors have done such a good job, it fits perfectly with its surroundings. Mountain also houses a luxury kitchen with granite counter tops, an eight burner grill and a refrigerator. Other mountain amenities include changing rooms, lockers and a shower. Inside it also has many secret passageways and even a grotto. Mountain also features bridges, pathways and steps, they all lead to the waterslide and offer great views of the pool.

For all the details it provided of the pool, the Pool Master show did not provide the name of the owner of this impressive property. Plan to build a similar pool? You’ll first have to contact the show to see if the owner is willing talk to in person about his creation. Watch the Animal Planet video here.

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Source: Fox 13 and Animal Planet

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