The 5 Best Zaha Hadid Home Collection Pieces From Maison & Objet

Zaha Hadid Home Collection

At Maison & Objet Fall 2016 Edition in Paris this week visitors were perhaps surprised to see a homeware collection from late Zaha Hadid. Her eponymous company continuing her design legacy arrived at the exhibition with Zaha Hadid Home Collection, consisting of tastefully created plates, trays, vessels, candles and candelabras. Noticeable right away is how easily her architecture and design philosophy adopt into everyday items. This however is not a surprise, over her decades long career Hadid teamed up with others for special projects – a vase collection for Lalique and jewelry for Mousannar are just a couple of them.

Crafted by artisans from across Europe, collection showcases Hadid’s fondness for mixing contrasting colors as well as old and new materials. Off-white and black pieces blended effortlessly with bursts of neon limes and fuchsia to offer a lively pallet. Traditional bone china and ceramic appear together with modern resins and acrylics to create illusions. Braids, clean lines and impressions are all there to remind us of her artistic DNA.

The Illusion Fine Bone China
Zaha Hadid Home Collection
Born out of Zaha’s love for all things illusions and puzzles. Handmade collection fools and the eyes with its Vortex-like 3D form.

The Shimmer Tea Lights
Zaha Hadid Home Collection
Solid glass made tree light holders. Just like Solis Candles, the surface reproduce and deflect the light from the flame to nearby surfaces to offer an enchanting view. Available in colors gold, silver and black.

The Serenity Bowl
Zaha Hadid Home Collection
Clean lines reminds me of pebbles in the water. Waves are not just for aesthetics, they offer much needed stability as well. Made from highly reflective Gold-PVD coated stainless steel. Available in two sizes.

Braid Vases
Zaha Hadid Home Collection
If you think you have seen this vase silhouette before you are in the right. Zaha’s Lalique vases had the same braided design. An effortless extension of her Skycrapers designs and love of geometry to household items. Made from Fine Bone China and finished in a reflective glaze. Can purchase as a set or individually.

The Solis Scented Candles
Zaha Hadid Home Collection
In colors black, white and orange with wavy patterned exterior. Interiors visible through slightly transparent container. Selected by Zaha, each fragrance has its distinct “personality”

Source: Zaha Hadid

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