Diamond Studded World’s Most Expensive Dog Jacket By Doggy Armour!

World's Most Expensive Dog Jacket

Doggy Armour and online luxury store VeryFirstTo have teamed up once again to give you the paw-erfect little jacket for your best friend. Your dog loves you unconditionally and for that, they deserve nothing less than the very best – like the world’s most expensive dog jacket! Doggy Armour and VeryFirstTo have created this super-special dog jacket with 24k gold plus real diamonds and costs $137k…but for those who can afford to not put a price on love, this will truly show your pet how much you love him!

World's Most Expensive Dog Jacket

Doggy Armour used a trademarked and revolutionary application of Nano metalizing technology to make this gold jacket. “We offer a choice of ‘Golden Textile’ 24k gold Nano coated fabrics. It has the authentic value of gold itself and embraces 99.99% gold that is Nano-structured. The content of pure gold is certified by test and verification of international authorized inspection organizations” says Bradley Davis, Chief Executive of Doggy Armour.

The opulent jacket uses super lightweight armour, a signature Doggy Armour feature, to protect your precious from the dangers of the world (a.k.a bites from the mean dogs!). The level of protection can also be increased for higher levels of threat like blades. The Doggy Armour is up to 15 times stronger than steel and 8 times stronger than Kevlar, it is built for the Mr.Bond of dogs – stylish and protective to the max. It is lined with a 3D fabric designed to allow a flow of air through the jacket that gives it a little climate control feature because, in warmer weather, this can be wet to act as a cooling jacket.

World's Most Expensive Dog Jacket

The Doggy Armour jacket is embellished with 20 Swarovski crystals beautiful golden bow or tie and a gold-plated lead connector. Customers also have the choice of replacing the crystals for an edgier look with 20 sparkling black diamonds. VerFirstTo is giving a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the Doggy Armour jacket towards the making of highly innovative anti-poaching armoured jackets that protect specially trained dogs accompanying anti-poaching teams who keep our world’s most precious animals safe including elephants, rhinos, and tigers.

Marcel Knobil, founder of VeryFirstTo and Superbrands said, “Thanks to Doggy Armour your precious pooch will both be well protected and resplendent in glittering gold. You’ll never see a more golden Labrador, dashing Dachshund, cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or pompous Pomeranian” and we couldn’t agree more!

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