World’s Most Expensive Christmas Crackers Costs $6M Include A Yacht & Aston Martin

VeryFirstTo Christmas Crackers

If there is one company that is good at rolling out most luxurious and extravagant offers, it is the London-based VeryFirstTo. Their latest offer is world’s most expensive Christmas Crackers, it will set you back no less than $6.2 million (or £4.1 million). Lavish gifts that come nestled inside their crackers range from a $5.6m Sunseeker Yacht to $28,000 sparkling “Diamants Légers” Cartier necklace. Not for nothing they say “bless the giver.”

VeryFirstTo calls their gifts Ultimate Christmas Presents and they are spot on. With this gift list, you can’t go wrong. The “Diamants Légers” Cartier necklace made of 18 karats white gold is set with 20 diamonds. While the stunning Breguet Tradition wristwatch has a case and dial made from 18 karats rose gold. Another gift is the limited edition pen from Graf Von Faber-Castell. Named the “Pen of the Year”, its magnificent design is inspired by Frederick II’s plans for the New Palace of Sanssouci.

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That lucky guest who get the keys to the Aston Martin Vanquish, a design and technological marvel, will forever be in your debt. This prize will leave one of your guests speechless, the “1 Like No Other” is a trip of a lifetime for two people. This unique trip will take them to 10 locations that include the Wisteria Tunnel in Japan, Petra in Jordan, and the only igloo hotel in the world the Kakslauttanen Resort in Finland. The grand prize of them all is the $5.6 million luxury yacht the Predator 84 yacht from Sunseeker, a floating mini palace.

Of course, yacht won’t be inside the cracker, or for that matter, other five items won’t be either. Keys for the car and the yacht as well as related papers for other gifts will fill the crackers. The crackers designed by Simply Crackers can be customized and same goes for the gifts (they can be replaced with items you prefer and the price will be adjusted accordingly). As it is crackers come in a set of six, this too is customizable to add more.

VeryFirstTo Christmas Crackers 2

Here are the ballpark values of each gift – $5.5 million Sunseeker Yacht, $285,000 Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe, $116,250 “1 Like No Other” Trip, $28,500 Breguet Tradition Watch, $28,000 “Diamants Légers” Cartier necklace, $9,750 Graf Von Faber-Castell Pen. For more info or place the order contact them here.

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Source: VeryFirstTo

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