This Special Wismer Meat Slicer Should Be On Your Wishlist

Trancheuse Wismer Anniversaire 1

As we move towards the future, we have slowly tuned our house into a smart home with appliances and products that make life easier. But there are some things that give us a special satisfaction when done with our own hands. Now you may not think of slicing meat as one of those things, but one look at this limited-edition Wismer meat slicer and you’ll be dreaming about opening a deli!

With holidays at our doorsteps and guests to follow, one of the most humble, elegant and quick appetizer to serve is a beautiful plate of even cold cuts paired with cheese. A meat slicer is not the first thing on your mind when you think kitchen tools, but you must consider one to save time and add a visual sense of pleasure to your food – especially one as stylish as Wismer’s 100th anniversary special model.

Trancheuse Wismer Anniversaire 1

The French company has revealed a handcrafted, hand-assembled slicer that built to last, with cast aluminum serving as the base of the body and steel and aluminum making up the rest of the device. Numbered from 1 to 100, each of the 300 mm manual slicers feature embellished gold decorations and olive wood finishing touches. The flower flywheel slicer has a stainless-steel tray, trolley, and hubcap, and each part was painstakingly polished by hand. The suave looking red meat slicer is easy to use for creating perfect cold cuts every time.

Wismer’s special meat slicer has reduced tray dimensions in this model and the stroke of the carriage is longer, ensuring that the device will be more consistent in the thickness of slices than its predecessors giving it the ideal upgrade to mark a 100 years. The blade is offset for easier cleaning, and there’s a reversible knife sharpener on the slicer too. If you are a perfectionist, Wismer allows you to manually adjust to a 10th of a millimeter.

Trancheuse Wismer Anniversaire 1

To mark its 100th anniversary, Wismer is only making a 100 of their ultimate meat slicers. Price is available upon request. Alexa or Siri can’t slice your meat, so when you work on it at least it’ll be grand with the Wismer meat slicer.

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