Gorgeous Wedgwood Christmas Advent Calendar Filled With Christmas Decorations

Wedgwood Christmas Advent Calendar 1

There are Christmas advent calendars and then there are Wedgwood Christmas advent calendars. The famous British fine china maker Wedgwood Studios has announced the release of a special edition advent calendar filled with exquisite Christmas decorations. The white and blue porcelain house has 24 numbered windows with each window carrying a delicately crafted charm dangled with a white ribbon.

Beautifully crafted ornaments range from jugs to medallions to snow globes and angels. However one that’s going to be everyone’s favorite is the blue and white teacup and saucer. The frame of the house is made from wood and ply, laser-cut porcelain is then applied to the frame. For its high quality finish, the house is hand-painted, coated and hand-painted.

Wedgwood Christmas Advent Calendar 3

Wedgwood is known world over for their creations that are beautiful, perfectly proportioned and detailed, those same qualities are used when creating the special advent calendar. They are also created with an eye on them being family heirlooms that can be passed from generation to generation.

Limited to just 3, the Wedgwood Christmas advent calendar come with an exorbitant price tag £12,500 (about $20,000.) There is a lead time of 1 to 8 weeks from the date of placing the order. For more information contact Wedgwood.

Wedgwood Christmas Advent Calendar 2


Source: Wedgwood

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