VeryFirstTo Valentine Vinyl For The Beat Of Your Heart

As Valentine Day approaches, everyone is furiously looking to get their significant other that perfect gift. VeryFirstTo has that one-of-a-kind gift that you would want to give to the one-of-a-kind person in your life – a personalized portrait made of vinyl record pieces created by artist Ben Riley.

VeryFirstTo Valentine Vinyl Ben Riley

All couples have “their song” and VeryFirstTo is bringing that tune from your ears to your eyes by turning into a canvas based art piece. The Valentine Vinyl portrait is created with vinyl pieces of your special song. Ben Riley is the only artist in the world who makes masterpieces of you and your loved one on a 30″x30″ canvas with LP’s that have been broken down into fragments and ground down into a vinyl grit consistency.

Riley found his unique technique of grinding down records into dust and grit to make art. Using larger shards and the actual labels he punctuates the portrait, creating shadow and texture and bringing out the 3D effect.  Each piece of vinyl is emotionally charged, some reflective, dazzling in different lights, some reserved and soft. This distinctive style gives the person many impressions of the portrait while turning a nostalgic tune into a moment you can touch and see.

VeryFirstTo Valentine Vinyl Ben Riley

The accomplished British artist has a celebrity fan following with the likes of Pharell Williams for his talent of merging music and art without using a drop of paint, pencil or charcoal. It takes Riley three days (and nights) to complete the vinyl portrait. Riley noted that the human face is a landscape of detail, showing its lifelong adventure. The eyes, the mouth, the skin, the tell-tale signs of the life and journey – captured in the peaks and troughs of the lines, just like the vinyl record.

As times have changed, buying an expensive gift isn’t the most expressive thing to do, it is all about how exclusive the gift really is, and the Valentine Vinyl is that thoughtful present which means so much more than its price tag. Nothing says “I love you” more than a gift with such deep emotional value as a couple’s special song.

Source: VeryFirstTo

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